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Pioneers have been around since the beginning of history, thinking outside the box to create, produce, and provide a better and more functioning life and world. Unlike the pioneers before us, our needs and the future for us has changed significantly. We are no different from the pioneers of the past needing the urge to find a way to make a change for the better for us all. Change doesn’t happen overnight and could use all walks of life to make their footprint on a more sustainable future.

The founder of Pioneer Solar and Renewables, Brett Kemmer,grew up with the rest of everybody thinking fossil fuels were of an abundance, and the environment would always be unharmed and making changes were unnecessary. With time we realized the future is a very valuable commodity that we thought needed a helping hand by doing our part in the sustainability of the future by not only decreasing greenhouse gas emissions but also putting money back in the pocket of people wanting to help with the change. Both Brett and Matthew have an extensive background in the field of landscaping and are very diverse in turning any obstacle into an amazing work of art for all to enjoy. Since then we have both got intrigued by renewable energy and have dug in and started to enjoy not only what it has to offer but what it provides on a municipal and global level. As times changed we decided to take it one step further by going fully green to ensure the longevity of our past projects and creating a passion for a greener, more sustainable, and more cost-effective future for all to enjoy. With our uncompromised service and attention to detail, we will stand behind any project we do with the utmost integrity.

Service is Pioneer’s name, longevity is our game! Pioneer Solar and Renewables will stand behind every inch and square foot of work we provide with a passionate staff that share and have the same values as the people who are a product of the pioneering process. We have been ecstatic since our first project, and have since shared that same passion in every installation since. With each project, we get more excited about our customers getting the best value for their dollar and return, as well as the progress we are making for the future! We can all be a part of our future and keep the past a great and enjoyable memory for decades to come.