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What is the expected lifetime of a solar panel?

The expected lifetime is 35 years or more. Many solar panels that are already out there have been producing for much longer than even with older technology. Panels come with a 25 year warranty, and inverters with a 12 year warranty.

Will hail damage my solar panels?

Solar panels are built with tempered glass, and aluminum frames. They are very robust and can withstand extreme weather. If by the slight chance they where to be damaged they will be covered by your home insurance. 

How does snow affect my panels?

Alberta and Saskatchewan get the most amount of sun in all of Canada for solar panels. In the summer months we get more energy from the sun than we use on an average basis. In the winter snow will only account for a reduction of 3-5% annually. A good benefit in the winter months is that the panels are actually more efficient in colder weather.

Do I still get power during an outage?

During a power outage no one can receive power, due to the fact that everyone is tied to the grid which is where the energy you produce is held and stored. Your system must be shut down automatically so that the electrical utility system can be safely repaired. When utility power is restored, your solar system will automatically restart.

Is Western Canada a good place to invest in alternative energy sources?

Yes! The Prairie Provinces are a great option for renewable engery investment. In Alberta and Saskatchewan we rank amont the top in the country in terms of solar production potential and wind speeds. Please click on the images below to find out more.