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Pioneer Solar and Renewables Inc.

Based out of Saskatoon, SK, is your premier destination for sustainable energy solutions. Specializes in solar, energy storage, hydro, EV charging, wind, and more. Our robust solutions emphasize durability and efficiency. Additionally, our e-commerce platform offers best in class products for consumers. Choose sustainability, choose Pioneer.


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Excellence isn't just our standard, it's our passion.

Our Approach

Your Success, Our Strategy.

We prioritize sustainability, innovation, and excellent customer service. You can trust in our dedication to bring you the best in the business.


We think going renewable is not only cost- effective but also environmentally responsible.

Team Spirit

We are Enthusiastic and Collaborative and dedicated to excellence and unity.

Community Oriented

We provide invaluable services when it comes to working with our clients and partners  


Where We Began, Where We're Headed

Pioneers have been around since the beginning of history, thinking outside the box to create, produce, and provide a better and more functioning life and world…

Unlike the pioneers before us, our needs and the future for us has changed significantly. We are no different from the pioneers of the past needing the urge to find a way to make a change for the better for us all. Change doesn’t happen overnight and to be effective needs people from all walks of life to make their footprint on a more sustainable future. Pioneer Solar & Renewables was established in 2019 with the vision to provide solutions for a sustainable energy future. Founder & CEO, Brett Kemmer, believes we need to take action to secure the sustainability of our planet. For him solar was an easy first choice with the abundance of sunlight we receive in the prairies. Growing up in Saskatchewan, SK green house gas emissions did not seem to be a cause for concern, however as we now know, it is imperative that we do our part to alleviate and eventually eliminate the harmful effects that GHG emissions have on our climate, and our health. That is why we have made a commitment to transition to renewable energy consumption. This will ensure the longevity of our communities and neighborhoods – not only by reducing our carbon footprint, but also through re-investing into our cities and citizens, and helping homeowners, businesses, and municipalities build out their capacity for clean energy infrastructure. We continue to expand our horizons and seek out the most equitable sustainable energy solutions, so we can all enjoy a greener future. We will continue to advocate for the adoption of renewable energy systems and help serve our communities in this way.

Our Team

Driven by Passion, Powered by People.

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At Pioneer Solar & Renewables, we're always on the lookout for dedicated individuals who share our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and excellence.

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Isolated cabin powered by off-grid solar panels.
Long-lasting solar panel by Pioneer Solar and Renewables Inc.

Service is Pioneer’s name, longevity is our game!

Pioneer Solar and Renewables will stand behind every inch and square foot of work we provide with a passionate staff that share and have the same values as the people who are a product of the pioneering process. We have been ecstatic since our first project, and have since shared that same passion in every installation since. With each project, we get more excited about our customers getting the best value for their dollar and return, as well as the progress we are making for the future! We can all be a part of our future and keep the past a great and enjoyable memory for decades to come.
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