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Sustainable Energy from Natural Flows

Turbines offer an innovative approach to capturing energy from river and tidal currents. Through our advanced technology, we provide a dependable and eco-friendly energy solution, tailored to accommodate the varied requirements of both communities and industrial sectors. How It Works: As water courses over the turbine blades, its inherent kinetic energy is transformed into mechanical energy. This, in turn, activates a generator, culminating in electricity production. Specifically devised to maximize energy capture in river and tidal environments, our turbines ensure a uniform energy output, regardless of intermittent water flow variations. Benefits: Beyond its impressive efficiency, our turbine is committed to eco-friendly power generation. By minimizing disruptions to aquatic ecosystems and maximizing clean energy output, it stands as a testament to future-forward engineering. Comparisons:  The advantages of our hydrokinetic turbines: Not only do they prioritize environmental health, but they also excel in aspects of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and durability.
  • Efficiency and Output: Guinard Turbines consistently maintain high energy output levels, outperforming many conventional solutions, especially in regions with abundant water flows.
  • Environmental Footprint: Unlike fossil fuel-based energy solutions, our turbines have zero emissions, safeguarding both aquatic ecosystems and the broader environment.
  • Operational Costs: In the long run, the costs associated with maintaining and operating Guinard Turbines are considerably lower than those tied to traditional power plants, resulting in notable savings.
  • Reliability: The predictability of water currents, ensures a dependable power supply.

Pivotal Advantages of Guinard Turbines:

Hydro Project Essentials: Your Checklist

Seamless Hydro Project Preparation Guide

Starting a hydro project is a significant step and requires careful planning. To make sure we have all the information needed to assist you effectively, we've put together a straightforward checklist. This list helps us understand your site's specific conditions and needs. We'll need information about the water flow, the height difference at your location, and how much energy you expect to produce. Details about connecting to the power grid and visual documentation of the site will also be useful. By following this guide, you can help ensure a smoother process as we work together to develop the best hydro solution for your site.

Our Product Range

Tailored Hydrokinetic Solutions for a Greener Future

Poseide 66

Designed for areas without a main power connection. Whether you're in an isolated village or an island, this compact turbine captures energy from river and tidal currents efficiently.

Key Specifications:
Power: 3.5 kW at 3 m/s
Water depth required: 1.5 m
Water speed minimum: 1.2 m/s
Size: 1500 x 1000 x 1000 mm
Weight 90 kg
Power converter: C66 Hybrid 2.6

Benefits at a Glance:

Cost Savings

In areas where electricity costs are tied to oil prices, Poseide 66 offers a more budget-friendly option.

Ease of Installation

It's designed for simple installation without major civil work and requires minimal maintenance.

Consistent Power

With a water flow of 2.5 m/s, it delivers around 50 kWh daily and approximately 20,000 kWh annually.

Complete System

Equipped a 20 kWh battery, 1 kWh solar panels, and a 6 kW inverter, this is an optimal energy solution

Economic Benefit

Provides electricity at a competitive rate between 21.9 and 43.8 cents CAD/kWh.

Poseide 154

this turbine is ideal for regions without direct grid access, including remote villages and active islands. Beyond just power generation, the Poseide 154 offers a stable and environmentally friendly energy source. With its efficient design and minimal maintenance needs, it represents a dependable and sustainable energy solution tailored for today's needs.

Key Specifications:

Power : 700 - 20 000 W
Water depth required:  3 m
Size: 3 m x 2.3 mm
Weight: 750 kg
Power converter: C154 Hybrid 20.40

  • Optimized for Isolated Areas: Specifically designed to cater to non-interconnected zones like remote villages and islands with industrial utilities.
  • Powerful Output: Provides an impressive continuous output of up to 20 kW, with a peak AC/DC delivery of 30 kW.
  • River & Marine Compatibility: Engineered for maximum efficiency in both river and tidal currents.
  • Economic Power Solution: Affords electricity at a competitive rate between 19 and 37.96 cents CAD/kWh, a valuable proposition for areas with high electricity costs.
  • Minimal Maintenance Requirements: With reduced maintenance needs, the Poseide 154 offers longevity and hassle-free operation.

Benefits at a Glance:

Cost Savings

This turbine presents an economical electricity solution, costing between
19 and 38 cents CAD/kWh

Ease of Installation

installation without the need for intensive civil engineering, reducing both time and costs.

Consistent Power

It promises a consistent energy output, with daily yields of 270 kWh, impressive annual 100,000 kWh.

Complete System

When paired with panels, batteries, and an advanced inverter, the turbine can deliver up to 30 kW at its peak.

Economic Benefit

The Poseide 154 operate without releasing greenhouse gases and minimal ecological impact.

Visual Insights into Our Advanced Turbines

Hydrokinetic Image Gallery

Journey through our curated gallery to witness the epitome of hydrokinetic technology in action. Every image encapsulates our commitment to harnessing the power of flowing water, offering a visual testament to our innovative approach and dedication to sustainability.

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