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Vortex Turbine : Powering Homes Sustainably

Harness the potential of local water sources seamlessly with the Vortex Turbine. A blend of innovative design, optimal efficiency, and an inherent respect for nature, this turbine is primed for residential settings. Discover a greener path to power with KCT.

Why Vortex Turbines Stand Out

Pioneer Solar and Renewables Inc. is at the forefront of green energy innovations. With the global shift towards sustainable energy sources, hydro power emerges as a promising solution. Tapping into the power of flowing water, we offer solutions that are not only environmentally responsible but also efficient and cutting-edge. Join us on a journey towards a cleaner and more sustainable tomorrow.

Why Choose Hydro Energy?

Hydro energy, sourced from the incessant flow of water, stands as a beacon of sustainable power generation in our rapidly changing world. It promises not only a cleaner and greener future but also offers a reliable and economically viable solution. As global consciousness shifts towards eco-friendly alternatives, hydro energy emerges as a frontrunner, seamlessly blending efficiency with environmental responsibility.

Output Variability: Size Options

Choosing the right size for your turbine is important. Different sizes work best for different needs. Below, we've listed the sizes of our turbines. This will help you see which one is the best fit for your project. Take a look and find the right one for you

Model Name Nominal Power Phase System (Standard w/ option to change) Chamber Dimensions Total Dimensions Suggested Flow Rate (litres/Sec)
KCT-005-5/H 500W Single Phase D:1.0m H:1.0m TBC <80
KCT-010-S/H 1kW Single Phase D:1.1m H:1.5m TBC <80
KCT-015-5/H 1.5kW Single Phase D:1.3m H:1.5m TBC <80
KCT-018-S/H 1.8kW Single Phase D:1.5m H:1.5m TBC <80
KCT-030-5/H 3kW Single Phase D:2.0m H:1.8m TBC <150
KCT-050-5/H 5kW Single Phase D:2.0m H:2.0m TBC <300
KCT-100T-5/H 10kW 3 Phase D:2.9m H:2.0m TBC <300
KCT-1501-S/H 15kW 3 Phase D:3.4m H:2.0m TBC <300
KCT-2001-5/H 20kW 3 Phase D:4.2m H:2.0m TBC <300
Note: The provided numbers are approximate. For the most recent and accurate data, please contact us.
  1. Chamber Dimensions – This refers to the physical size of the turbine chamber. The dimensions are vital to understand how the turbine will fit in a specific location or environment. Proper dimensions ensure that water flows efficiently, optimizing the energy output.
  2. Phase System – Electrical systems can be either single-phase or three-phase. The phase type can influence the turbine’s compatibility with certain electrical infrastructures.
  3. Litres/Second – his indicates the ideal flow rate for the turbine size. Flow rate variances within 1 or 2 times either lower or higher is acceptable and the turbine will still produce electricity.
  4. Nominal Power – This reflects the power output the turbine can produce. A higher nominal power means the turbine can generate more electricity and potentially power more devices or larger infrastructure.
  • D:1.0m H:1.0m Turbine:
    • Suitable for smaller installations.
    • Handles water flow rates of less than 80 litres per second.
    • Produces power up to 500W.
  • D:1.1m H:1.5m Turbine:
    • Slightly larger dimensions for varied installation requirements.
    • Handles the same flow rate but produces up to 1kW power.
  • D:3.4m H:2.0m & D:4.2m H:2.0m Turbines:
    • Largest in terms of dimensions.
    • Suitable for locations with a higher flow rates (up to 300 litres/second).
    • They are three-phase systems producing up to 15kW and 20kW respectively.
    • Ideal for larger infrastructures or community power needs.

KCT Vortex Power Plant - Key Specifications

Essential Specifications for Optimal Performance

The KCT Vortex Power Plant stands out with its state-of-the-art design and commitment to efficiency. Delving into its key specifications reveals the depth of engineering and innovation incorporated into this powerhouse. Below, we present the pivotal details that make the KCT Vortex not just a hydro solution, but an investment in reliable and sustainable energy.
Feature KCT Vortex Power Plant
Head (Minimum falling height) 0.6m
Efficiency at low heights projects High
Vortex regulation Self-regulating
Water quality Pure, aerated
Environmental impact Minimal
Ability to decentralize Excellent
Hydro-plant augmentation Excellent scalability
Overflow issues, flow imposition None
Low-load efficiency High
Flow restrictions None
Increased power under load Yes

Versatility of KCT: Transport Anywhere, Install Anywhere

Efficient Energy Production with Tailored Installations

On-the-Ground Integration:

KCT vortex turbines offer a natural blend with terrains, portraying a seamless merging of advanced technology with Earth's environment.

Harmonizing with Existing Mills:

The past meets the future. The KCT harmonizes with existing hydro infrastructures, capturing energy zones that traditional turbines miss.

Utilizing Height Differentials:

Nature remains undisturbed. KCT systems work without the need for dams, operating effortlessly even with just a 60cm fall.
ex: Weir, Water Falls, Locks, Dams etc

Tailored for Sloped Terrains:

No land is a challenge. KCT's design allows for flexible installations on slopes, ensuring maximum energy capture from varying topographies.

Efficient Parallel Installations:

Cutting down on complexity. KCT units work side-by-side, all rooted to a singular concrete base, ensuring energy production meets demand without inflated infrastructure costs.
A KCT hydro vortex turbine unit can be installed in-parallel, and as visualized is installed only on a single concrete base: minimizing the need for heavy civil works and dramatically decreasing cost.

Series Installation for Larger Outputs:

Adaptability at its finest. Install multiple KCT units in sequence to ramp up energy production and match demand.
Ground assembly: In Series
The KCT installed in series, in parallel, demonstrating the versatility of the installations.

The Compact Efficiency of Pico KCT

Pico KCT: Power in a Compact Package

The Pico KCT is a specially designed turbine that's compact in size but big in performance. Nestled within a small chamber, this micro hydro vortex turbine is paired with an overhead DC generator. Together, they efficiently convert water flow into electrical energy, adaptable to various voltage needs.

One of the standout features of the Pico unit is its non-intrusive design. Thanks to the vortex's suction mechanism, the water's flow and pressure remain largely unchanged. This ensures that whenever water passes through, the turbine produces power. Such continuous energy generation makes the Pico KCT ideal for powering various micro devices, including smart water meters.

Amplified Power Output with KCT's Vortex Growth

Power Growth: Beyond Linear Limits with KCT

Our data tells a compelling story. Instead of the typical linear growth you might expect, KCT's vortex power showcases a unique trend: as the vortex size grows, the power it produces rises exponentially.

To put it simply, the bigger the vortex, the more power we get, and it grows much faster than standard calculations would suggest. For example, a vortex chamber sized 2m x 2m holds 6.28m^3, while a larger 4m x 4m chamber holds a whopping 50.24m^3. This shows that as we increase the vortex size, the power output doesn't just double or triple; it surges significantly.

The KCT Turbine Gallery"

A Visual Journey through Advanced Hydro Technology

Experience the craftsmanship and cutting-edge design of our KCT turbines firsthand. Our curated gallery offers a closer look at these marvels of hydro technology, showcasing the intricate details and robust construction that make them stand out. Each image captures the essence of our commitment to sustainable energy solutions and the future of hydro power.

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