5 Solar Incentives in Saskatchewan that would make you shift to Solar

5 Solar Incentives in Saskatchewan to Make You Shift to Solar

5 Solar Incentives in Saskatchewan that would make you shift to Solar

With the sun shining on average 2,265 hours annually in Saskatchewan, Solar energy production continues to gain popularity for good reason. Harnessing this abundant natural resource not only contributes to environmental sustainability but also offers a plethora of financial benefits. Welcome to the sunny side of savings with solar power!

The government of Saskatchewan has rolled out several incentive programs to encourage residents and businesses alike to adopt this renewable energy source. Therefore, we are creating a series called ‘Get familiar with Saskatchewan Solar Incentives’ to shed light on these incentives and rebates. 

These incentives will be a significant catalyst for those considering switching to solar power. Read on as we unravel how you can turn your rooftop into a revenue-generating asset while contributing positively to the planet's well-being and our future.

As stated earlier, the government of Canada offers various incentives. Each part focuses on a particular incentive and covers various aspects. Below is a general overview of each part. See what they include!

What will this series offer you?

A Comprehensive Guide to Net Metering Program: Part 1 highlights the Net Metering Program and net Billing as crucial incentives for adopting solar power systems. It provides an overview of the application process, eligibility criteria, and deadlines, aiming to empower individuals and businesses in Saskatchewan to utilize renewable energy sources effectively.

What is a Power Generation Partner Program?: Explore the Power Generation Partner Program (PGPP) in Part 2. We’ll go through the application process, eligibility criteria, and incentives offered by SaskPower. From initial discussions to application submission and understanding energy pricing, our blog provides a comprehensive guide to participating in this renewable energy initiative. 

A Beginner’s Guide to Capital Cost Allowance: Discover how the Canadian Income Tax Act incentivizes investments in clean energy and energy conservation equipment through Capital Cost Allowance (CCA) in Part 3. Learn how businesses can claim CCA, including eligibility criteria, CCA classes, rates, and much more. 

Have you heard about Canadian Renewable and Conservation Expenses? Learn about it now: Canadian Renewable and Conservation Expenses is one of the amazing incentives launched by the Canadian Government to promote the adoption of renewable energies within the economy. Part 4 is all about this incentive. You can find various aspects like the application process, eligibility, etc. 

What’s the Canada Greener Homes Grant?: The Last part of this whole series has covered the Canada Greener Homes Grant, which is one of Canada's most popular and recommended incentives. It offers the adoption of solar energy without asking the citizens to compromise with the aesthetic! Part 5 will lead you through every essential aspect of this incentive. Dive into Part 5 to know more!

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