Are you under the Saskatoon Light & Power’s coverage or Saskatoon Power’s coverage? Double-check with us!

Are you under the Saskatoon Light & Power’s coverage or Saskatoon Power’s coverage? Double-check with us!

Welcome to the first part of the series ‘City of Saskatoon VS. Saskatoon Power: Comparing Solar Installations in Saskatoon’. This blog will be focused on covering the service area of both providers. If you still haven’t gone through the Introduction Post of the Series, check it out and see why you should follow this series.

Coming back to Part 1, are you ready to explore Saskatoon's vibrant solar scene? Picture this: Saskatoon Light and Power (SL&P) working efficiently, lighting up neighborhoods like Caswell Hill and the bustling Central Business District.

SL&P brings a mix of energy sources, from coal plants to wind turbines, creating a unique energy tapestry. But wait, there's more! Beyond the city, enter SaskPower, taking the reins across Saskatchewan's urban centers, remote regions, and industrial zones.

It's a journey through diverse landscapes, powered by SL&P in the city and SaskPower across the province. Let's dive into the dynamic world of Saskatoon's solar initiatives together!

Which areas lie under the service reign of the City of Saskatoon's solar installations?

Delving into Saskatoon's energy scene, Saskatoon Light and Power (SL&P) works tirelessly to light up different neighborhoods, weaving a unique energy tapestry across the city. Come with us for a closer look at the vibrant communities that benefit from SL&P's efforts:

  • Adelaide/Churchill
  • Airport Business Area
  • Arbor Creek
  • Avalon
  • Brevoort Park
  • Buena Vista
  • Caswell Hill
  • Central Business District
  • Central Industrial
  • City Park
  • C.N. Industrial
  • College Park
  • College Park East
  • Eastview
  • Erindale
  • Exhibition
  • Forest Grove
  • Greystone Heights
  • Grosvenor Park
  • Haultain
  • Holiday Park
  • Holliston
  • Hudson Bay Park
  • Kelsey Industrial
  • King George
  • Mayfair
  • Meadow Green
  • Montgomery Place
  • Mount Royal
  • North Industrial
  • North Park
  • Nutana
  • Nutana Park
  • Nutana Suburban Centre
  • Pleasant Hill
  • Queen Elizabeth
  • Richmond Heights
  • Riversdale
  • Silverspring
  • Sutherland
  • South West Industrial
  • University Heights
  • Sutherland Industrial
  • Varsity View
  • West Industrial
  • Westmount
  • Westview

Winding through the varied neighborhoods of Saskatoon, SL&P stands as the backbone of the city's electricity infrastructure. From historic areas like Caswell Hill to the lively Central Business District, SL&P's role is vital. 

Their approach is diverse, drawing power from coal plants, hydro facilities, and the gentle whirr of wind turbines. Yet, in the grand scope of Saskatchewan's electrical domain, it's crucial to acknowledge SaskPower as the overarching steward.

While SL&P illuminates Saskatoon's local energy scene, SaskPower guides the broader landscape of electrical utilities across the entire province.

Provincial coverage of Saskatoon Power's solar installations

In the vast region of Saskatchewan, SaskPower is the vital source connecting urban centers, rural communities, and remote regions across 652,000 square kilometers. Beyond just infrastructure, it's about lighting up lives and connecting the diverse landscapes of our province, from bustling cities to serene hamlets and the endless horizons beyond.

In powering Saskatchewan, SaskPower builds a network spanning 157,500 kilometers. This expansive infrastructure seamlessly connects urban bustle to the province's tranquil corners, ensuring reliable electricity delivery for all. 

SaskPower is the go-to power provider for the whole province of Saskatchewan, which sprawls across a huge and varied landscape. Let's dive into some key locations and categories that make up the areas covered by SaskPower:

  • Urban Centers:
      • Saskatoon
      • Regina
      • Prince Albert
      • Moose Jaw
      • Swift Current
      • North Battleford
      • Yorkton
      • Estevan
  • Rural Communities:
      • Various towns and villages across the province
  • Remote and Northern Regions:
      • Northern communities and settlements
      • Remote areas with limited accessibility

  • Educational and Institutional Zones:
      • Locations hosting educational institutions, hospitals, and other public facilities
  • Industrial Zones:
      • Areas housing various industrial facilities and factories
  • Agricultural Land:
      • Farmlands and agricultural areas throughout Saskatchewan
  • Resource and Mining Areas:
      • Regions associated with resource extraction and mining activities
  • Tourist Destinations:
      • Areas with significant tourism activities and attractions
  • Indigenous Reserves:
      • Reserves and Indigenous communities across the province

This list doesn't cover everything, and SaskPower serves the entire province, making sure electricity reaches a diverse range of communities and users, no matter where they are or how big they are.

Understand Visually!

SL&P Service Area Map

NOTE: Areas in green color are under the service of SL&P. The ones in blue are under Saskatoon Power.

What is the ending note?

As we walked through Part 1 of this series, we shared the neighborhoods that lie within the SL&P and SaskPower’s Service area. It’s visible that the City of Saskatoon offers service to a limited range of neighborhoods while Saskatoon Power covers the entire Saskatchewan. This disparity underscores the localized versus provincial focus of each provider. In the next part, we will be covering various other aspects. Stay tuned to dive deeper!

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