City of Saskatoon vs Saskatoon Power: Understanding Net Metering in Saskatoon

City of Saskatoon vs Saskatoon Power: Understanding Net Metering in Saskatoon

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The last post was all about the incentives and rebates offered by SL&P and SaskPower. You can check out Part 7 and see which utility provider and their offers are for you. 

Coming onto this blog, we’ll delve into the program called ‘Net Metering Program’. This program is offered by both utility providers. Continue to learn more about this program.

What is Net Metering?

The Net Metering Program in Saskatchewan is an amazing financial mechanism that helps solar panel owners put the excess energy to the correct use. Owners can send the extra energy generated back to the grid by tying up their panels with the utility provider’s grid in the locality. 

Many household and commercial owners can earn credits as a reward for selling energy and can use them to reduce their electricity bills. How? During nighttime or cloudy days, when solar panels are unable to fulfill their energy needs, owners can use utility energy. The previously accumulated credits will be deducted from the total cost of the energy utilized. The net amount is payable [which sometimes might be zero!]

Net metering policies of Saskatoon Light & Power and Saskatoon Power

There are various incentives for solar in Saskatoon and one among them is Net Metering. Residents of Saskatoon can enjoy the benefits of net metering by tying up with any of the two major utility providers- the City of Saskatoon & Saskatoon Power. Let's talk about them one by one:

Saskatoon Light & Power:

The city of Saskatoon is one of the major utility providers in Saskatoon. They allow the consumers [who chose net metering] to generate a maximum current of up to 100 kW for personal use. If the system generates more than 100 kW, say 200 kW is generated then the excess 100 kW is sent back to SL&P. The credits accumulated are valid and can be used till 31st March [last date of the financial year] if they are tied up with Saskatoon Light and Power.

They provide this rebate for energy generated by all the eco-friendly technologies including solar panels. It is a one-time rebate and ranges between the lowest amount estimated by 20% of the total cost incurred to $20,000 at max. To put this differently, the rebate amount is estimated as 20% of the total cost of electricity, but it can’t exceed $20,000. 

Saskatoon Power is the original entity that offers this rebate. All the customers of Saskatoon Light & power can apply for this rebate through Saskatoon Power.

Saskatoon Power:

SaskPower's Net Metering Policy is a fantastic chance for folks like farmers, homeowners, businesses, and institutions to create their power, all the way up to 100 kW. The types of energy sources you can use for this cool initiative range from solar and low-impact hydro to biomass, flare gas, and even waste heat recovery. It's a versatile lineup for all kinds of green energy projects.

You've got some freedom with your energy projects—they can be as big as 500 kW annually. The cool part? Any extra power you share with the grid is worth 7.5 cents for each kilowatt-hour, at least until March 31, 2026.

When you use the electricity your system makes for your stuff, you pay the regular price – around 14 cents for each unit. But if you produce more power than you need and share it back, they'll give you 7.5 cents for each extra unit until March 31, 2026.

If you end up with leftover credits from your extra power, you can keep them on your bill until you move or close your account. Just remember, these credits can't be turned into real money; they're more like cool points you can use on your bill later.

Key highlights of the policies offered by both providers

Saskatoon Light & Power:

  • Keep It Valid: If you roll with Saskatoon Light & Power, your credits stick around until March 31 – that's the end of the financial year fiesta.
  • Rebate Vibe: They're handing out a one-time rebate for your green energy efforts, like rocking those solar panels. It's 20% of your total electricity cost, but don't get too greedy – the max is $20,000.
  • Who's the Boss: Apply for this rebate through Saskatoon Power, the OG rebate gurus.


  • Who's In: Farmers, homeowners, businesses – basically, everyone is invited to the SaskPower party. You can whip up your power projects up to 100 kW, and if you're feeling ambitious, go up to 500 kW every year.
  • Energy Buffet: They're cool with all sorts of eco-friendly tech – solar, low-impact hydro, biomass, flare gas, and even waste heat recovery—a bit of everything for your green energy feast.
  • Cash for Power: Any extra power you share with the grid gets you 7.5 cents for each kilowatt-hour. And this deal runs until March 31, 2026. Sweet, right?
  • Credit Game: If you end up with leftover credits, stash them on your bill for a rainy day. Just remember, they're not turning into cash anytime soon – more like credits you can throw a party with on your future bills.

What’s the crisp?

Understanding net metering in Saskatoon reveals valuable opportunities for solar panel owners to earn credits and reduce electricity bills. Both the City of Saskatoon and Saskatoon Power offer enticing incentives through their net metering programs.

Residents can leverage these programs to generate clean energy, contribute to sustainability, and enjoy financial benefits. Whether choosing Saskatoon Light & Power or Saskatoon Power, residents have access to transparent policies and attractive rebates, empowering them to make environmentally conscious choices while saving on utility costs.

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