Exploring Canada Greener Homes Grants: Your Comprehensive Guide

Canada Greener Home Grants - Transform Your Home with Sustainable Upgrades

Exploring Canada Greener Homes Grants: Your Comprehensive Guide

Recent years have witnessed a growing interest in sustainability initiatives and one such is the Canada Greener Homes Grants. We have brought forward a complete series revolving around this amazing incentive. We’ll take you through the various aspects of the Greener Homes Grant and guide you to make the most out of this program. Whether you are a homeowner, a businessman, or just simply curious folk, you are at the right place. See below what this series will cover!

What to expect from the series?

Understanding Canada Greener Homes Grants: This is an introductory post that will walk you through the basics of the Canada Greener Homes Grants program. See why this initiative was introduced in the first place, who can apply, and how it aims to promote the energy transition by encouraging energy-efficient upgrades.

What Home Improvements fall under the Canada Greener Homes Grants?: In this blog post, we will cover all the retrofits or home improvements eligible under the grant. Starting from insulation upgrades to covering heating system replacements, we’ve got everything covered!

Dive into the Funding and Application Process of the Greener Homes Grant: This blog will uncover the funding process, along with the application process and online resources. We’ll also provide you with insider tips to help you navigate through the paperwork and requirements with ease.

Positives and Negatives of the Canada Greener Homes Grant: Every scenario has two aspects to it, and it applies to the Canada Greener Homes Grant as well. There exist various benefits to participating in this program, but it's also important to shed some light on the challenges as well. In this post, we’ll discuss the pros and cons, helping you make informed decisions about leveraging this initiative for your home.

Starting off the series, we’ll be diving into the first blog that’s meant to be an introductory post, where you can learn more about the Canada Greener Homes Grant. Go ahead and uncover the basics of the Canada Greener Homes Grant!

What are the starting points?

The current environment scenario is deteriorating day by day. Why? It is because of various factors like pollution, rising temperatures, global warming, and greenhouse gas emissions.

But do not lose hope, there's still a chance for favorable transformation. Including eco-friendly methods in our daily lives has become an essential factor in promoting sustainability. One such approach towards a clean environment is the investment in 'energy-efficient homes' that consume less energy and harness power from renewable sources.

Giving attention to the current situation, the Canadian government decided to bring the 'Canada Greener Homes Grants' initiative to the table, encouraging the adoption of energy-efficient practices for a more sustainable future.

What are Canada Greener Home Grants precisely?

Addressing environmental degradation has become necessary, and the Canada Greener Homes Grant is a way to do it. It is a financial incentive offered by the federal government to encourage people to go for 'energy-efficient' residential practices.

Many residents and even businesses need help to place solar panels on their premises due to many factors. Under this incentive, the applicants are encouraged to implement a few energy-efficient retrofits in their property. For that, the applicants are offered financial aid that is equivalent to the retrofit expenses. 

Retrofits include installing a few solar windows, implementation of efficient heating systems, enhancements in insulation, and the adoption of renewable energy technologies, among other initiatives.

The main reason behind bringing such an initiative to the table is to boost the adoption of solar energy among the residents and reduce their dependence on fossil fuels. But is it designed for everyone? Read further to unveil.

For whom the Greener Home Grant is?

The Greener Homes Grant is available to almost everyone. The reason we said 'almost' is that some specific criteria exist that must be fulfilled to enjoy the benefits of this grant. 

The Greener Homes Grant welcomes Canadian homeowners and Indigenous governments and organizations.

Further, in the category of homeowners, certain types are fixed, like sole owners, joint owners, and cooperative housing association members, can apply. At the same time, property management firms, landlords, and tenants are ineligible.

Indigenous governments or organizations, such as band councils and housing management entities, can also participate. They enjoy some unique benefits, such as registering multiple homes under a single application.

Canadian homeowners with properties in Canada are eligible for financial assistance based on their property type. Just like the property types, grant amount varies too. There’s a specific range decided for it, so continue to know more about it.

What is the Grant Range?

The Canada Greener Homes Grants offer financial aid ranging from $125 to $5,000, obliged to change on the type and scale of eligible retrofits. It can go up till the amount of the loan reaches $40,000. Additionally, a supplementary contribution of up to $600 is available to cover costs associated with pre- and post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluations.

Pro Tip: EnerGuide evaluations are crucial for assessing a home's energy performance, and the financial support aims to assist homeowners in managing expenses related to these assessments throughout the retrofit process.

Below is the comprehensive list that covers the grants associated with every retrofit. Take a look: 


  • Attic/Ceiling: $250 - $1,800
  • Exterior Wall: $660 - $5,000
  • Exposed Floor: $350
  • Basement/Foundation: $210 - $1,500
  • Crawlspace: $800 - $1,300

Air Sealing: $550 - $1,000

Windows and Doors: $125 - $250 per window/door

Thermostats: $50

Space and Water Heating:

  • Ground Source Heat Pumps: $3,000 - $5,000
  • Air Source Heat Pumps: $2,500 - $5,000
  • Domestic Hot Water Equipment: $1,000

Renewable Energy: Photovoltaic Solar Panels: $1,000/kW

Resiliency Measures: $150 - $1,000

Low-Rise Multi-Unit Residential Buildings: Multiply Incentives by 1x to 4x (2-17+ Units)

Why don’t we end the discussion with:

As we walked through the first part of this series, we perceive that the Canada Greener Homes Grant is an initiative that stands as a ray of hope in the mission of attaining environmental sustainability. Financing energy-efficient retrofits not only empowers homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint but also contributes to the achievement of the energy transition goal. 

With a range of grants available for various retrofits, this program caters to diverse needs while fostering a collective effort toward a greener future. Embracing these grants not only benefits individual households but also paves the way for a more resilient and eco-conscious society.

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