Solar Panels in C.N. Industrial, Saskatoon: A Comprehensive Guide

Solar Panels in C.N. Industrial, Saskatoon: A Comprehensive Guide

Solar Panels in C.N. Industrial, Saskatoon: A Comprehensive Guide

Take a glance at C.N. Industrial

Geography: CN Industrial, Saskatoon, spans south of The Willows to Avalon, with Stonebridge to the east and Sk Hwy 219 to the west. Key features include the Grand Trunk Bridge over the South Saskatchewan River and a recent interchange at Clarence Avenue and Idylwyld Drive for improved access.

Economy: Notable employers include Early Seed and Feed, Roadex Services, and Speedway Moving & Storage. The Saskatoon Auto Mall, featuring major dealerships, contributes to the area's economic vibrancy. Ongoing developments include a hotel at Lorne Avenue. The Saskatchewan Western Development Museum's storage facility on Lorne Avenue adds cultural significance.

Who provides the Power in C.N. Industrial ?

The power provider in C.N. Industrial has been Saskatoon Light & Power since the beginning. It has proved to be a reliable partner that aims to fulfill your electrical needs without fail. They're not just about power; they're about making sure around 117,200 of you within its boundary get top-notch, affordable electricity.

What is Saskatoon Light & Power’s Service coverage?

Ownership and Street Lighting

Saskatoon Light & Power is not restricted to just providing electricity, but it is also responsible for looking after 27,000 street lights making sure that the local community is safe and sound. 

Service Area

The Saskatoon Light & Power offers services in the neighborhoods that fall within the City Border of 1958, except for the University of Saskatchewan. The neighborhoods beyond the 1958 City Border are taken care of by SaskPower. 

In some areas like Airport Business Area, Arbor Creek, College Park East, CN Industrial, Erindale, Evergreen, North Industrial, and Westview, Saskatoon Light & Power teams up with SaskPower. Depending on where you reside, you might get your power needs fulfilled either by SL&P or SaskPower.

Verification of Service Provider

The discussion about the coverage area earlier might have confused you. But don’t worry, here’s a quick tip that can be used to figure out who provides electricity in your neighborhood. Just take a peek at your monthly utility bill, there you can see the name of your utility provider. Or give a ring at Saskatoon Light & Power. Dial-up at 306-975-2414 in the morning, or if it's past office hours, ring 306-975-2476.

What does Saskatoon Light & Power offer?

As mentioned previously, Saskatoon Light & Power goes beyond just providing electrical services. It also offers solar incentives to encourage solar adoption in your area. However, there's additional information! It does not stop there; educational resources are also provided by them. Consider it as their way of spreading awareness about renewable energy.

If you are interested in knowing about these then check out this blog on City of Saskatoon VS. Saskatoon Power: Customer Support and Educational Resources

Refer to the Map of Saskatoon Light & Power!

Explore an interactive map below showcasing the coverage areas of SL&P in C.N. Industrial.

Interactive Map

Incentives and Policies by SL&P for your ease

For residents and businesses looking to generate their electricity, Saskatoon Light & Power (SL&P) has three programs for you:

Net Metering Program

Generate your clean energy for individual usage, a maximum of 100 kilowatts (kW) is permissible. Any extra power goes back to the Saskatoon Light & Power grid, acquiring credits for your electricity statement. If you produce more than you need each month, you get a 1:1 credit until March 31 each year. Just be aware that any unused credits after April 1 are forfeited, as per Administrative Policy No. A07-022, Power Producer Policy.

Small Power Producers Program

If you're producing electricity, up to 100 kW, and want to sell the surplus back to the SL&P power grid, you're in the right program. Here you get a fixed purchase rate of $0.114846 per kilowatt-hour ($/kWh), under Bylaw No. 2685, Electric Light and Power Bylaw, 1940.

Behind-the-Meter Program

This program is for those whose consumption is more than 100 kW. You can’t sell the excess electricity back to the grid. All the energy generated should be self-consumed so think properly before applying for this one.

If you are interested in knowing more about these, do check out their official website.

How does Saskatoon Light & Power connect your Solar System to the grid?

Look at the process:

Connecting your self-generation system to Saskatoon's grid involves a well-defined process outlined by the City of Saskatoon. Check out this step-by-step guide to smoothly transition your residential or commercial self-generation system to the grid.

  1. Application Submission:
  • Complete the relevant application form based on your system size: Home Services (up to 15 kW) or Services for Dwellings or Businesses (exceeding 15 kW). 

  • Send your filled-out application to

  • Make sure you've got all the necessary information in your submission—like a clear Electrical Single Line Diagram, details about Protective Devices, a Site Plan showing where the generator, inverter, and transformer are placed, and don't forget to sign it if you're the billing account owner. For more clarity on how systems connect, check out the Interconnection guidelines.
  1. Application and Service Inspection:
  • Start the process by reviewing applications and service inspections. If necessary, carry out an initial interconnection study. Coordinate a visit for SL&P staff to visually assess the site.
  1. Application Approval and Fee Quote:
  • Once your application passes the review, they'll give it the green light. Shortly after, you can expect a detailed quote that breaks down all the relevant fees.
  1. Acceptance and Fee Payment:
  • Agree to the quotation, acknowledge the terms, and accept the conditions.
  • Submit the specified fees.
  1. Permit Acquisition: Make sure you secure a construction permit from the City of Saskatoon. Do not forget to acquire electrical authorization from TSASK.
  1. System Installation: Set up your power generation system under the authorized blueprints.
  1. Electrical Inspections: Feel free to ask TSASK for electrical inspection services.
  1. Meter Installation and Witness Test: Ask for the installation of a meter and be present for the testing process.
  1. Bi-Directional Meter Installation: Set up the two-way meter.
  1. Final Payment: Complete the last payment to settle any remaining balances.
  1. Interconnection Agreement Execution: Complete the Interconnection Contract.
  1. System Energization: Power up your energy-generation setup.
  1. Billing Account Setup: Establish a billing account for the relevant self-power generation initiative.

[Vendor Representation: The vendor may act on behalf of the customer in some steps.]

If you have any questions or need clarification, don't hesitate to reach out to the City of Saskatoon by sending an email to They will help and guide you through every step of connecting to the grid, making the process of integrating a self-generation system successful and in compliance.

Breaking down the cost of Solar Installation in C.N. Industrial

Metering and Fixed Charges:

Net metering is a part of Saskatoon Light & Power that is being used by many people. It accounts for the exchange of electricity between the utility grids and households. Administrative and delivery costs are included in the fixed monthly utility fee of $32.99.

Annualized Rate and Installation Costs:

The ongoing inflation leads to an increase in the yearly utility rate by 4%. Setting up solar panels with a 425-watt capacity is expected to incur installation expenses of around $3,242.16 per kW. Operational costs, amounting to 1% of the installation costs, consist of maintenance and insurance coverage.

Performance Factors and Lifespan:

We shall not forget to consider elements like a 0.5% yearly decline in panel efficiency and a 2% overall increase in costs. The expected lifespan of the solar panels you install is projected to be 25 years.

Canada Greener Homes Grant:

The Canada Sustainable Residences Incentive provides a refund of $1,000.00 per kilowatt, capping at $5,000.00 or covering 100% of the installation expenses. Grasping these elements gives a detailed perspective on the expense distribution and the possible reimbursements linked to Saskatoon Light & Power's solar setup.

What would you get in ‘Return’ of Solar Installation? [ROI]

Energy Efficiency Benefits: Opting for Saskatoon Light & Power's solar installation unlocks the potential to tap into sustainable energy for your residence or business. The Net Metering Program empowers users to generate up to 100 kW of clean electricity for personal use, reducing dependence on conventional power sources.

Installation Expenses: While the initial investment may be a factor, the enduring advantages are considerable. The approximate expense of $3,242.16 per kW encompasses panel capacity, operational expenditures, and potential savings over the solar panel's 25-year lifecycle.

Government Incentives: The Canada Greener Homes Grant presents a noteworthy motivator, providing a reimbursement of $1,000.00 per kW, capped at $5,000.00 or 100% of the installation expenses. This financial backing substantially enhances the overall return on investment.

Diminished Monthly Bills: Thanks to net metering, surplus electricity generated earns credits on your power statement. This not only offsets your usage but can translate into financial savings, particularly in months when your solar production surpasses your requirements.


This guide equips C.N. Industrial residents with vital insights into solar installations. With Saskatoon Light & Power leading the charge, the comprehensive overview covers grid connection processes, costs, and lucrative incentives. From energy savings to tax benefits, this guide beckons residents to embrace solar power, fostering a sustainable and eco-friendly community for a brighter future.

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