What is a Power Generation Partner Program?

Understanding the Power Generation Partner Program

What is a Power Generation Partner Program?

Refresh your memory a bit!

Before diving into the current post, it is essential to recap what we had seen in Part 1 of the series. It covered an important incentive i.e. Net Metering Program & Net Billing. Various aspects like application procedure, timeline, eligibility criteria, and deadlines are covered too. 

Coming back to the current post, it has covered another essential post i.e. PowerGeneration Partner Program (PGPP). Let’s begin with a general introduction.

What does PGPP mean?

The next one out of many other Saskatchewan solar rebates is the Power Generation Partner Program (PGPP). This program is a substitute for the small power producers program and is conducted by SaskPower. 

The newly introduced Power Generation Partner Program (PGPP) is an initiative for two decades; aimed at supporting Saskatchewan in generating 35 MW of renewable energy. The guidelines of PGPP also instruct the producers/ homeowners/ businesses to generate renewable energy and sell it back to SaskPower.

This program, a successor to the previous Small Power Producers Program, welcomes new applications on an annual basis. Prospective participants are required to include a bid price in their applications, representing the anticipated compensation for the electricity they generate. Let's make sure we keep in mind that the maximum allowable bid is set at $0.09830 per kilowatt-hour.

Application Procedure and How to Apply?

The process of joining the Power Generation Partner Program involves several distinct stages. Here's a breakdown of what you'll need to do:

Stage 1: Preliminary Discussion

Before applying formally, individuals must arrange and participate in a preliminary discussion session with SaskPower. 

This session is designed to address the requirements for eligibility, details about the application process, timelines associated with the Project, and information regarding interconnection costs. 

To schedule this meeting, get in touch with SaskPower by emailing: customergeneration@saskpower.com.

Stage 2: Application Submission

Submit your application within the designated Application Window on saskpower.com. Changes are only permissible if your application advances to the Interconnection Study stage. Email completed forms and necessary exhibits to customergeneration@saskpower.com.

Alternatively, opt for a two-email submission. Make sure that the second email containing the rest of the exhibits arrives no later than three hours after sending the first one. Following the application receipt, anticipate a non-refundable $315 (including GST) invoice. Please settle the payment within 15 days from the calendar date to prevent any issues.

Step 3: Application Review

Upon receipt, SaskPower acknowledges applications via email. Incomplete or unclear submissions may be rejected at SaskPower's discretion. The review process evaluates adherence to requirements and follows the outlined selection criteria.

Applications are assessed based on the specified Project location, with no alterations allowed post-submission. SaskPower holds the authority to decline applications at its sole discretion.

Step 4: Application Selection

The selection process considers Renewable Energy Resources and Carbon Neutral Non-Renewable Energy Resources separately. In the case of intersecting Projects, SaskPower determines priority at its discretion.

We'll reach out to applicants with updates on their status within 90 calendar days after the Window Closing Date. A list of successful Applicants advancing to the Interconnection Study, along with Project details, is published on saskpower.com.

What is the Application Timeline?

Submit PGPP applications within the designated window on saskpower.com before the closing date. Notification of application status occurs within 90 days. If selected for an Interconnection Study, provide additional information within 60 days. The study duration, 3-6 months, varies based on Project size and complexity. Detailed interconnection timelines are discussed during the pre-application meeting and communicated post-study.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for this Program?

  1. Qualifying Candidate:
  • Must be an existing SaskPower customer with a 12-month billing history.
  • Eligible entities include corporations, partnerships, cooperatives, non-profit corporations, and First Nations meeting specific ownership criteria.
  • Flare gas Projects have distinct eligibility criteria, emphasizing expertise and responsible flare gas sourcing.
  1. Approved Energy Sources
  • Renewable Energy Resources:
    • Solar
    • Low-impact hydro
    • Biomass/biogas
    • Geothermal
  • Carbon Neutral Non-renewable Energy Resources:
    • Flare gas
    • Waste heat recovery
  • Biomass Generation Criteria:
    • Specific guidelines on fuel usage
  • Flare Gas Projects:
    • Verifiable reduction in flaring or venting
    • Additional selection criteria apply.
  • Generation Technology Requirements:
    • Commercial availability and proven track record for at least one year in similar conditions
  • Project Eligibility:
    • Only new-generation Projects are considered.
    • Requires separate metering and customer-owned transformation
  1. Project Site Requirements
  • For your ventures to qualify, they need to be situated within the boundaries of Saskatchewan, except for specific franchise areas.
  • Environmental impact assessments consider factors like endangered species, wetlands, wildlife, and sensitive terrain.
  • Applicants have to deliver documentation confirming their right to use the chosen location.
  • Obtaining and maintaining all necessary permits is a mandatory requirement.
  1. Project Size
  • Clear AC Nameplate Capacity Requirements for Renewable Energy and Carbon Neutral Non-renewable Energy Projects.
  • Defined annual limits for combined capacity in each project type.
  • Applicants should consult SaskPower about feeder capacity before applying.
  • Project Clusters must stay within specified resource and program limits.
  1. Environmental Attributes
  • For Renewable Energy Resource Projects, all Environmental Attributes must be transferred to SaskPower.
  • For Carbon Neutral Non-renewable Energy Resource Projects, Applicants retain Environmental Attributes.


Duration of Project Contracts
For eligible renewable energy and/or carbon-neutral non-renewable energy Projects, the Project Contract spans a set period of 20 years.

Application Withdrawal

  • Applicants retain the right to withdraw before signing the Project Contract. 
  • Submission of a formal notice of withdrawal to SaskPower is obligatory. 
  • Application and examination fee refunds will not be granted.

Suspension/Cancellation of Program

SaskPower retains the right, solely at its discretion, to suspend or cancel the Program without advance notice and without assuming any liability toward Applicants or third parties.

Project Contracts executed before any alterations to the Program will uphold the initially agreed-upon rates, terms, and conditions.


Energy Price

The energy price assigned to a Project aligns with the Bid Price indicated in the Project's application form.

The Bid Price must not surpass the maximum acceptable energy price:

For Carbon Neutral Non-renewable Energy Resources: $70.00 per MWh (Megawatt-hour).

For Renewable Energy Resources: $108.22 per MWh.

This rate specifically pertains to the electricity measured under the Project Contract terms. It constitutes the sole payment amount owed to SaskPower.

No alterations to the energy price are permitted once an application is submitted.

Energy Payment

Regular issuance of a Project's energy payment, typically monthly, as outlined in the Project Contract. 

Documents needed

When applying for rebates, it's essential to be familiar with the following reference documents:

a) Application Form: Complete and submit this form to initiate the rebate process.

b) Electric Service Requirements: Familiarize yourself with the essential electric service specifications for your project.

c) Voltage Connectivity Guidelines for Generators Below 34.5 kV: Learn about interconnection guidelines for projects within specific voltage ranges.

d) Linking Power Generators Beyond Utility Networks for Voltages of 72 kV and Higher: Investigate interconnection prerequisites for projects operating at elevated voltage levels.

e) Terms & Conditions of Service: Examine the terms and conditions governing the provision of services linked to your rebate.

f) Priority Location Map: Refer to this map to identify priority locations for maximizing the benefits of your rebate.

Let’s wrap up the topic!

The Power Generation Partner Program (PGPP) offered by SaskPower stands as a pivotal initiative within Saskatchewan's renewable energy landscape. With a focus on fostering renewable energy generation, PGPP encourages participation from diverse entities, including homeowners, businesses, and corporations.

The program's application process, involving preliminary discussions and thorough reviews, ensures adherence to eligibility criteria and project specifications. With defined timelines and incentives, PGPP provides a structured framework for stakeholders to contribute to Saskatchewan's renewable energy goals while benefiting from a sustainable energy future.

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