Is the Greener Homes Program ending soon? Find Out

Canada Greener Homes Program Ending Soon

Is the Greener Homes Program ending soon? Find Out

Since the past few days, a piece of information about the Canada Greener Homes Grant has been attracting all the attention. Recently, the Energy and Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson declared that the existing Canada Greener Homes Grant will end soon. It raised confusion among many Canadians whether the Canada Greener Homes Grant is still available, but don’t worry; we are here to bring you out of the dilemma. 

Minister Wilkinson said that the implemented Greener Homes Grant’s ‘application window’ will be closed shortly. It was announced on the 5th of February, and it was mentioned that the applications would be accepted for two more weeks. But that doesn’t mean that the Greener Homes Program is canceled in Canada. This step has been taken to bring a new version of the same incentive to the attention.

Canada Greener Homes Grant Application Deadline

What’s the new version?

The updated or new version of the Canada Greener Homes Grant is an incentive that mainly benefits the citizens falling in the low-to-median income range. The primary aim of the Canada Greener Homes Grant is to increase the adoption of renewable energy by allowing residents to retrofit their houses and make them energy efficient. 

However, it asks citizens to spend a few dollars initially, so only people with a better income can afford it. This has created an imbalance in renewable energy adoption. Therefore, the federal government is taking a small break to update this incentive. It would allow low-income folks to enjoy the advantages of solar power.

The government is determined to offer a better incentive that offers better grants and eases the pockets of the citizens, too. New eligibility criteria would be structured to encourage the average middle-class household to use solar energy.

Pay attention to:

The government has ensured that after two weeks if any applications are left in their system, they will still be processed even when the window is closed. The thing is that no NEW applications will be accepted after these two weeks, while the existing ones will be considered. 

Another thing to remember is if the government receives many applications due to the short timeframe, the program may be stopped sooner than the previously mentioned time. 

However, don’t worry. The new version is expected to be announced soon. If you fail to apply during these two weeks, you can wait for it. Your patience will support the federal government in presenting a modified and better version of the Greener Homes Grants. On the bright side, you will get to experience the new advantages of it!  

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