Choosing the Right FLO Model: Discover FLO Chargers offered by us!

Choosing the Right FLO Charger Model - Comparative Guide

Choosing the Right FLO Model: Discover FLO Chargers offered by us!

Let’s Recap!

The previous part i.e. Exploring Varieties of Level 2 EV Chargers: Residential, Private, and Public revolved around the Level 2 FLO Chargers. It will provide you with in-depth information on the classifications of the Level 2 FLO Chargers. You can learn more about the Residential, Public, and Private EV Chargers (specifically of FLO). 

It is recommended to go through the previous post before you start with this one. Obviously, before buying anything you must have a basic knowledge about it, right? Dive into Exploring Varieties of Level 2 EV Chargers: Residential, Private, and Public  right now!

What does this post talk about?

You can find a few comparison tables in this blog that will compare the FLO Chargers model offered by us based on the various aspects. Along with that, you can also see what the customers think about the FLO brand. 

Comparing the Residential Chargers you might want to purchase from our shop!

Aspect FLO 7.2kW G5 FLO X5 7.2kW
Price Range $1,280.00 $1,450.00
Power Output 7.2 kW 7.2 kW
Connectivity Limited or basic connectivity options Advanced connectivity features
User Authentication Basic user interface RFID card reader for secure user access
Network Connectivity May lack advanced networking capabilities Provides remote monitoring and updates
Cable Management Basic cable management Enhanced cable management for safety
Smart Home Integration May not support integration with smart home systems May offer compatibility with smart home systems
Safety Features Ground fault protection Enhanced safety features and remote monitoring
Use-Case Scenarios Ideal for home charging and simple residential use Suited for public locations, commercial spaces, and multifamily residential buildings
Charging Locations Primarily residential and home use Suitable for public charging stations and commercial environments
Additional Notes Designed for reliable and straightforward charging Offers advanced features, security, and management capabilities

Comparing the Commercial Chargers you might want to purchase from our shop!

AspectFLO 7.2kW Dual Core+FLO 7.2kW Core+
Price Range$9,889.09$5,712.96
Power OutputDelivers a total power output of 7.2 kW, featuring dual charging ports with 3.6 kW each.Provides a power output of 7.2 kW through a single charging port.
Connectivity and FeaturesEquipped with advanced features, including network connectivity and user authentication via RFID card readers.Offers a basic user interface, suitable for straightforward charging needs.
Cable ManagementIncorporates enhanced cable management solutions, which contribute to a safer charging environment.Features standard cable management for a basic yet functional setup.
Use of Charging PortsAllows for simultaneous dual-vehicle charging, making it well-suited for locations with high charging demand.Tailored for the charging needs of a single vehicle, this configuration is well-suited for EV enthusiasts who own individual electric vehicles and residential use.
Safety FeaturesOffers an array of enhanced safety characteristics coupled with the ability to monitor from a distance.Provides standard safety features to ensure safe charging experiences.
Ideal Use-Case ScenariosIdeally placed at public charging stations and commercial areas with a high demand for EV charging.Well-suited for residential settings and individual EV owners seeking a reliable and straightforward charging experience.
Charging LocationsPrimarily found in public charging stations, commercial locations, and areas with high EV traffic.Typically installed in residential settings for personal EV charging.
Additional NotesTailored for high-demand charging environments and boasts cutting-edge functionalities aimed at enhancing both convenience and security.Geared toward providing a dependable and hassle-free charging experience for individual EV owners.

FLO Charger Reviews: Real User Experiences and Testimonials

Google Logo - Recognizable Symbol of the Tech Giant

Google User says-

“The review focuses on the Flow X5 electric vehicle charger, prioritizing its sturdiness and toughness to extreme cold weather. It accentuates its convenient structure, durable construction, and the unique use of Power Line Communication for network connectivity. However, it points out that the charger's 30-amp power output might be limiting for larger EVs and mentions its relatively higher price. Despite these drawbacks, the Flow X5 is recommended for those who prioritize a well-built and stylish charging solution suitable for smaller EVs.”

Flags of Laval, Quebec, Canada - Symbolizing Local Identity

Linda R, Laval, Qc, Canada says-

“Super satisfied with my Flo G5 terminal. I purchased this charging station for my Kia Niro EV 9 months ago, and it's the best on the market. Easy installation, sturdy, weatherproof, and charges excellently even in cold weather. The design makes the gun easy to remove from the base of the terminal even in ice conditions. The most important thing is that it charges very well and the cable remains flexible even in very cold weather in winter. Highly recommended!"

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Darren [An Amazon User]-

“Quick, Easy, and Clean Installation. Zero Issues with working. It’s been 1-1.5 years of using these chargers and they still work perfectly.”

What do we think?

The blog provides a comparative analysis of various FLO charger models, complemented by user testimonials. These testimonials highlight the durability, ease of installation, and efficient charging capabilities of FLO chargers. 

From Google users emphasizing the robustness of models like the FLO X5 to personal experiences like Linda R's satisfaction with the Flo G5, it's clear that FLO chargers are well-regarded for their reliability. 

Darren's testimonial further underscores their longevity and performance over time. Overall, this comprehensive overview equips potential buyers with valuable insights to make informed decisions regarding their choice of FLO charger.

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