Learn about FLO Residential Chargers with us

Learn about FLO Residential Chargers with us

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The previous post was all about Commercial EV chargers. It has covered two well-known FLO Commercial Chargers i.e. The Flo 7.2 kW Dual Core and Flo 7.2 kW Core. You can understand why they are the most popular ones among the others and also understand the difference between commercial charging and residential charging.

Part 3 revolved around the first type i.e. the Commercial chargers whereas this part will cover the second type i.e. Residential Chargers! Let’s begin with understanding why Residential Chargers are beneficial for owners.

Why is home charging a game-changer for EV owners?

Charging electric vehicles (EVs) at home provides a wealth of advantages, genuinely revolutionizing the experience for EV owners. Here's an extended compilation of the benefits:

  • Cost Savings: Home charging for EVs provides significant cost advantages. Electricity is typically more cost-effective than gasoline or diesel, leading to substantial savings. Lower off-peak electricity rates in some regions can enhance these savings.
  • Convenience: Home charging is highly convenient. EV owners can plug in their vehicles overnight, ensuring they're always ready. It eliminates frequent gas station visits, saving time and effort.
  • Range Confidence: Home charging eases range anxiety. With a dedicated home charger, you start each day with a full battery, ensuring enough range for daily commutes and unexpected trips.
Flo residential charger
  • Flexibility: Home charging allows for flexible management of your charging schedule. You can opt for slow or quick charging, depending on your specific requirements. This flexibility is especially beneficial if you can access lower electricity rates during particular hours.
  • No Waiting or Queues: Unlike public charging stations that may have waiting lines or congestion during peak hours, your charger at home is always available.
  • Customization: You can choose the charger type that best suits your needs, whether a Level 1 (standard 120V) charger for slow overnight charging or a Level 2 (240V) charger for faster replenishment. This customization enhances your overall charging experience.

Dive into the Features and Benefits of FLO Residential Chargers:

FLO 7.2 kW G5 Level 2 EV Home Charger

Below are mentioned some of the critical features of FLO HOME G5 EV Chargers, which make it a fantastic choice for EV Drivers to consider.

Rugged Casing: The charger is encased in a Type 4X aluminum casing, providing durability and resistance to water, impact, and corrosion.

Cold-Weather Cable: Equipped with a 25-foot premium cable that remains flexible in cold conditions, ensuring easy handling and usability.

Universal Compatibility: The charger features a universal SAE J1772 connector, making it compatible with a wide array of electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Voltage Adaptability: The charger can work with power sources ranging from 208-240V at 60 Hz, allowing for flexible installation options.

Adjustable Charging Current: Users can fine-tune the output current, which can be set anywhere between 6A and 30A, granting control over the charging speed.

Efficient Charging: With the capacity to deliver 6.2-7.2 kW of charging power, the charger ensures efficient and relatively speedy charging for electric vehicles.

Wide Temperature Range: Engineered to function reliably within a broad temperature range from -40°F to 122°F, making it suitable for diverse climates.

5-Year US Warranty: The FLO Home G5 comes with a 5-year limited warranty in the United States, providing extended protection and assurance.

FLO X5 7.2kW Level 2 30A EV Charger

The features of FLO X5 EV Chargers are primarily similar to the ones of FLO G5 HOME EV Chargers, yet some extra features make this charger an appealing one to the EV Drivers. Below are mentioned the additional features of FLO X5.

Dynamic Power Sharing: Enable power-sharing with a second FLO Home X5 charger, ensuring efficient charging for multiple electric vehicles while preventing circuit overload.

Smart Charging Management: Utilize the FLO app for scheduling charging sessions, real-time monitoring of charging progress, and tracking usage, streamlining cost-effective and convenient charging.

Automatic Software Updates: Benefit from automatic software updates, ensuring the charger remains up-to-date with the latest features and improvements, eliminating manual intervention.

Nickel Enclosure: The charger's stylish nickel-coloured casing provides protection and an appealing aesthetic, enhancing the charger's durability and visual appeal.

Let’s wrap up the discussion with our Final Thoughts

FLO's residential chargers offer a revolutionary solution for electric vehicle owners. Home charging provides cost savings, convenience, and flexibility, eliminating range anxiety.

FLO's G5 and X5 models, equipped with robust features like rugged casings, adjustable charging currents, and smart charging management, present an advanced and customizable charging experience.

With additional benefits such as automatic software updates and a 5-year US warranty, FLO's chargers redefine the landscape of at-home EV charging, making it efficient, reliable, and tailored to individual preferences.

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