Utility Solar Install

Utility Solar Install

Isolated cabin powered by off-grid solar panels.

Most of the global solar PV (photovoltaic) capacity consists of utility-scale solar installations, commonly known as “solar farms.” This sector is poised for significant growth being driven by cost reductions in material, technology advancements in the industry and the need for clean electrical generation to address climate change.

Utility-scale solar has been generating reliable, clean electricity for decades. Solar power plants can be developed in a way that balances environmental protection with energy demands and climate goals. It has proven to be a profitable and a passive income generating asset.

A utility-scale solar power plant can utilize several solar technologies – primary photovoltaics (PV) or concentrating solar power (CSP). What distinguishes utility-scale solar from distributed generation is both project size and the fact that the electricity is sold to wholesale utility buyers, not end-use consumers. Utility-scale solar plants provide the benefit of fixed-priced electricity during peak demand periods when electricity from fossil fuels is the most expensive.

Precision with LiDAR Technology

For utmost accuracy in our installation process, we employ state-of-the-art LiDAR technology. This cutting-edge method ensures precise mapping of your roof, allowing us to determine the optimal placement and orientation for the solar panels. By harnessing the power of LiDAR, we not only guarantee the best energy output for your solar installation but also ensure a seamless fit for every roof type.

Operations and Maintenance

At Pioneer Solar & Renewables, we’re committed to the long-term reliability of the solar systems we design and maintain. We collaborate with stakeholders, understanding needs and ensuring optimal performance. Our experienced team provides comprehensive O&M services for utility-scale, commercial, and residential photovoltaic systems, ensuring peak performance and proactive maintenance.

Common Services

Annual/monthly reports, performance checks, and SCADA maintenance.


Calibration, cleaning, power checks, software upgrades, and torque verification.


Infrared scans, performance reports, visual checks, and module cleaning (optional).

Electrical / Mechanical

Circuit checks, tracking system upkeep, conduit inspections, and torque verification.

Site Services

Site security, vegetation management, and snow & sand clearing.

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We are in the business of ensuring quality system performance for decades to come. We offer O&M contracts of all types and for all sizes of systems. Please reach out to our dedicated team to discuss further.
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Global Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or Global Goals are a collection of 17 interlinked global goals designed to be a “blueprint to achieve a better and more equitable as well as sustainable future for all. Set out in the 2015 Paris Agreement and echoed with support in Glasgow 2020 these goals have strong support from most nations in the world. You’ll see the individual goals here and that utility scale solar plays a pivotal role in achieving several of these goals:

Visual representation of the 17 interlinked Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Hybrid Power: The Future of Renewables

There is going to be significant investment needed into renewables in the coming years and decades and  renewable hybrid power plants are going to play a significant role. Hybrid power plants create jobs across the supply chain, from R&D, engineering, manufacturing, project finance, development and construction. Some key infrastructure that hybrid designs allow for are:

Coal Power Plant Phase Out

Hybrid Power Plants can be developed to provide the exact same supply that coal fired power plants provide with no operating emissions

Fire Prone Community Infrastructure

As climate change escalates, transmission failures disconnect communities. Micro-grid power plants provide a robust answer.

Black Start Power Plants

Black start power plants are essential for maintaining grid balancing. Hybrid Power Plants can readily offer this vital service effectively.

We have recently launched a joint partnership with the University of Regina to develop several different critical infrastructure projects and are interested in working with other utility providers as well. Joint partnerships and opportunities will be necessary to provide the required funding for these projects. Please reach out to our team if this is of interest.

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